Maria Diaz-Albo

Hello, I am a healthy cook with more than 14 years of experience in healthy foods, I am an integrative nutrition coach and specialist in Epigenetics, and I want to offer my services to help people change their lifestyle and eat better, our epigenetics changes, every 90 days due to the lifestyle we lead and sometimes because we do not lead a healthy life, our epigenetic change and we can trigger chronic diseases, but we are not destined for that, we can change it, knowing how to optimize our metabolic systems, and that is why I am on this platform to offer a Comprehensive Health Plan designed for you: to improve your quality of life and well-being
With the Epigenetic Test we can reach your Optimal Level of Health more quickly. WHAT IS THE EPIGENETIC TEST?
Epigenetics are DNA modifications that do not change its sequence but affect genetic activity.
The Test provides us with solutions to regulate our genes, awakening those related to our Health and sleeping those that cause illness, imbalance or blockage that in the long run can lead to pathology.

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