Hi everyone! My name is Marianna. I have studied nutrition and dietetics for almost 6 years. I got my undergrad in nutrition at Cal Poly and am finishing my master's in nutrition at Hunter College. By the end of this summer I will be a Registered Dietitian!
I have worked with kids aged 3-14 giving nutrition education courses, I have created meal plans for clients of all ages, interned at eating disorder clinics, and am currently interning at a hospital providing patients with nutrition recommendations.
I am a total foodie and my goal is to help other cultivate a kind and healthy relationship with food. I would love to help you find a lifestyle that works for your life and goals. If it is meal planning, pre- and post-workout fuel, a diet for a specific health condition, struggling with body image or disordered eating patterns, or just general wellness; I am here for you!

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