LeeAnn Schreiner

As an athlete throughout my life, including a Division 2 women's basketball player, i have always been inspired to stay healthy and active. My passion for this kept me in shape and healthy while I was a science teacher for five years and a physical education teacher for a glorious year. My drive led me to becoming a certified nutritional consultant with the American Association for Nutritional Consultants. I didn't stop there with my journey of health and wellness---I sought more by becoming an owner and member of my own nutrition store (Nature's Remedies Valparaiso). In the THIRTEEN years that I owned and operated my store i guided over 1,000 people in their use of nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, sports nutrition products, "clean" eating habits, "clean" beauty products, healthy lifestyle habits, essential oil therapies and much, much more. I am well-versed in many aspects of alternative remedies and now I have also earned a certification as a health coach from the Dr. Sears wellness program. In this certification program, the focus was on anti-inflammatory eating and active "anywhere", lifestyle. I am looking forward to continuing my journey here by helping you with your questions regarding alternative remedies, eating healthier, living cleaner and even to offer you insight on how to use your local health food store as the potential starting point you need.

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