Joyful Balance Wellbeing Coach

My journey as a Wellbeing Coach is deeply rooted in a personal history marked by significant challenges and resilience. Having faced breast cancer twice, undergone three open heart surgeries, weathered a divorce, and lost a long-standing corporate career of 25 years, my life has been a testament to overcoming adversity.

These experiences have not only shaped me but also paved the way for my passion and purpose in life coaching. The transition from my corporate role to Health and Life Coaching wasn't just a career change, it was a calling. This shift was catalyzed by my personal battles and the strength I discovered within myself.

Prior to obtaining formal certifications from the Health Coach Institute, I had already embarked on a path of mentorship, guiding numerous women through their breast cancer journeys. This role was more than just a prelude to my professional coaching career; it was a profound experience that deepened my commitment to supporting others.

Now, as a certified coach, I specialize in helping women navigate and surmount their own life obstacles. My focus extends beyond mere survival; I am dedicated to helping women reclaim and revive their lives, finding new purpose and joy in the aftermath of their struggles.

One of my core passions lies in assisting women through their cancer journey, especially in the often-overlooked phase post-treatment. This period can be challenging, as many grapple with how to resume or reshape their lives after cancer. My aim is to be a guiding light during this time, offering support, understanding, and strategies to not only cope but thrive.

In summary, my experience as a Wellbeing Coach is not just built on professional training, but also on a rich tapestry of personal trials and triumphs. My mission is to empower women to transform their obstacles into stepping stones towards a more fulfilling and passionate life.

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