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My name is Joe, and I am a retired Army veteran with over 22 years of service. I spent most of my time on active duty, 17+ years, but I also have time in the Army Reserve and the Army National Guard. I have two deployments under my belt—one tour in Iraq and one in Kosovo. I am a Sergeant First Class (ret) and served as an 11B, 91B, 68K, and 35L. So you don't have to look those up. They are infantrymen, Combat Medic, Medical Laboratory Technician, and Counterintelligence Agent.

I have an M.S. in Health and Wellness and a B.S. in Health Sciences, Exercise Science. I work full-time as a Medical Lab Tech in an independent laboratory. My guiding passion over the last 30 years however, has driven me to learn, grow, and eventually master multiple disciplines in the integrative wellness world. I’ve walked many paths in pursuit of optimal health, functional medicine, however, has proven the best combination of an evidence based approach to health and wellness combined with holistic approach.

I am married to a lovely lady named Amy, who supports me in every way. As of our marriage, I now have four children, all from the wedding, and not looking to add any more. One is a band director, one is an electrical engineer, one is a vocal major, and the youngest is studying to become a biological engineering. My youngest is also a fantastic trombone player and marched with the University of Arkansas band this past year. We have a beautiful lab terrier mix named Bella, and my wife firmly believes Bella is why I am sane today. Amy and I share the same enthusiasm for health and wellness and are building a business together. We do genetic testing, health and wellness coaching, and aromatherapy.

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