BalanceFAST (found and sustained together)

I am a Certified Health Coach (CHC) with years of experience in the mental health and wellness worlds, from therapeutic programs to fitness centers and online coaching. My passion is supporting people in becoming their best and more whole selves and helping break down the overwhelming task of what it means to be healthy. I help you find your version of healthy and figure out how to make it balanced and sustainable! My expertise is focusing on mindset and healing relationships with fitness, food, and your body. By supporting you in connecting your physical and mental well-being, you will be able to discover the habits and practices that best serve you and allow you to feel you are living your healthiest life. I am a master at habit change, so whether it's wanting to get in more exercise, build routines and habits, feel more consistent with your nourishment, manage stress, manage your ADHD, or feel in control of your self-care and wellness, I am your coach!

Outside of work, I love focusing on my own wellness, which means moving my body in ways I enjoy, hiking outside with my pup, cooking yummy meals, eating out with friends, and being cozy at home on the couch!

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