Prevalent Hope Coaching & Consulting LLC

Patricia Hardy is Founder & Chief Coaching Strategist for Prevalent Hope Coaching & Consulting LLCSM. A self-proclaimed "disruptor-in-chief," she aims to shake up the stagnant and promote positive change in the lives of women 40 and over. Through coaching and 14 years of marketing and communications experience, Patricia shares tools and resources to support women as they reset their minds, reshape their lives, and revive their spirits after a life-altering experience.

In addition to her health and life certifications from the Health Coach Institute in Boise, ID, Patricia is Board Certified in Health Coaching through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners in Galveston, TX. She is also certified as a Group Life Coach Practitioner from the Transformation Academy in Clearwater, FL. Patricia holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Studies from the University of Maryland Global Campus.

A lifelong learner, Patricia seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge and collaborate with like-minded people. She has a Certificate of Coaching Behaviors and Resistance from the Universal Coach Institute in Atlanta, GA, and an affiliate membership with the Institute of Coaching, McLean (an affiliate of Harvard Medical School).

What does she offer clients? Patricia is attentive, peaceful, calm, honest, authentic, and motivational. She is eager to extend those qualities to clients who are ready to improve their health, maintain wellness, and move forward toward a productive future!

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