Beth Edwards

Hey there! My name is Beth and I am a Certified Transformational Nutritional Health Coach as well as a Certified NASM personal trainer. I have a passion for guiding individuals to lead a healthier life through fueling their body with whole foods and also supporting it through various exercises.

As a middle aged woman I have learned to focus more on well-being, being able to function in everyday life, reducing inflammation, and taking care of my body for life, and implementing this approach with my clients as well.

Through personal training, I have been able to support clients who have lost 50+ pounds while reducing or eliminating blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes medications as well as increase their strength, balance and mobility. Through health coaching, I have helped clients suffering from autoimmune diseases reduce their inflammation, improve their pain, sleep, digestion; decrease their anxiety and depression and able to enjoy activities they haven't been able to enjoy for years.

No matter your goal, I will be your cheerleader through the frustrations and celebrations! You deserve to live your best life and I look forward to helping you achieve your goal!!

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