Body Positivity Coach

A professional who helps individuals cultivate a positive body image and self-acceptance.


A Body Positivity Coach is a professional who guides and supports individuals in developing a healthy and positive relationship with their bodies. They help clients overcome negative self-talk, body shame, and societal pressures, encouraging them to embrace their unique physical attributes. Through various techniques and strategies, a Body Positivity Coach empowers individuals to appreciate and respect their bodies, regardless of size, shape, or appearance.

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The term 'Body Positivity Coach' emerged from the Body Positivity Movement, which gained momentum in the 2010s. The movement itself has roots in the Fat Acceptance Movement of the 1960s, which challenged societal discrimination against larger bodies. As the Body Positivity Movement grew, it encompassed people of all sizes, ages, abilities, and ethnicities, promoting self-love and acceptance. The role of a Body Positivity Coach developed as a means to help individuals navigate their journey towards a more positive body image and self-acceptance in a society that often promotes narrow beauty standards.


  1. Improved Self-Esteem Working with a Body Positivity Coach can help individuals build a more positive self-image and increase their confidence.
  2. Enhanced Mental Health By promoting self-acceptance and reducing negative self-talk, a Body Positivity Coach can contribute to improved overall mental well-being.
  3. Healthier Relationship with Food A Body Positivity Coach can help individuals develop a more intuitive and balanced approach to eating, free from guilt or shame.
  4. Increased Resilience Clients can learn to build resilience against societal pressures and media influences that promote unrealistic beauty standards.
  5. Greater Life Satisfaction By embracing their unique qualities and practicing self-love, individuals can experience increased contentment and fulfillment in their lives.
  6. Improved Physical Health Developing a positive body image can lead to better self-care practices and a more balanced approach to physical health and wellness.

How It Works

A body positivity coach helps individuals develop a healthier relationship with their body and self-image. The coach works with clients to identify and challenge negative thought patterns, promote self-acceptance, and encourage healthy habits. This process involves exploring the client's personal history, beliefs, and experiences that have shaped their body image. The coach then provides guidance, support, and practical strategies to help clients embrace their unique qualities, practice self-compassion, and build confidence. Sessions may include techniques such as cognitive reframing, goal-setting, and developing coping mechanisms to navigate societal pressures and personal insecurities.


When working with a body positivity coach, it's important to find a professional who aligns with your values and makes you feel comfortable sharing personal experiences. Building trust and rapport is essential for making progress. It's also crucial to understand that developing a positive body image is a gradual process that requires patience and commitment. Clients should be prepared to confront deep-rooted beliefs and emotions, which can be challenging at times. Additionally, while a body positivity coach can provide valuable support, they cannot replace the role of a mental health professional in addressing underlying mental health concerns, such as eating disorders or body dysmorphia.

How Much It Costs

The cost of working with a body positivity coach can vary depending on factors such as the coach's experience, location, and the length and frequency of sessions. On average, individual coaching sessions can range from $75 to $200 per hour. Some coaches may offer package deals or sliding scale fees based on a client's financial situation. It's important to discuss pricing and payment options with potential coaches during the initial consultation to ensure their services fit within your budget.

Virtual & Online Options

Virtual or online body positivity coaching offers several advantages over in-person sessions. Online coaching provides greater accessibility, allowing clients to connect with coaches from anywhere in the world. This is particularly beneficial for those living in areas with limited access to specialized coaches. Virtual sessions also offer more flexibility in scheduling, as clients can choose a time that suits their busy lifestyles. Additionally, online coaching may be more affordable, as it eliminates the need for travel expenses. However, in-person sessions can provide a more personal connection and may be preferred by some clients who value face-to-face interaction and a dedicated space for their coaching journey.


While there is no single, universally recognized certification for body positivity coaches, many professionals in this field have backgrounds in psychology, counseling, social work, or related disciplines. Some coaches may hold certifications in specific areas, such as mindfulness, intuitive eating, or health coaching. When choosing a body positivity coach, it's essential to look for individuals with relevant education, training, and experience in helping others develop a positive body image. Coaches should also adhere to ethical guidelines and maintain appropriate boundaries with their clients.

Complementary Practices

Complementary practices to Body Positivity Coaching include intuitive eating, mindfulness meditation, self-care routines, and regular physical activity. These practices help individuals develop a more positive relationship with their bodies, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote overall well-being. Engaging in creative pursuits such as art therapy, journaling, or dance can also foster self-expression and body appreciation.

Practitioner Types

Body Positivity Coaches often come from diverse backgrounds, including licensed therapists, certified life coaches, registered dietitians, and health educators. Some may specialize in areas such as eating disorder recovery, body image issues, or self-esteem development. Fitness professionals and yoga instructors who emphasize body acceptance and inclusivity may also incorporate body positivity principles into their work.

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  • Q: What is body positivity coaching and how can it help me?

    • A: Body positivity coaching is a supportive and empowering approach that helps individuals develop a more accepting and appreciative relationship with their bodies. A coach can help you challenge negative self-talk, build self-confidence, and cultivate a more compassionate and nurturing attitude towards yourself. Through guided exercises, discussions, and personalized strategies, you can learn to embrace your unique body and live a more fulfilling life.
  • Q: How do I find a qualified body positivity coach?

    • A: When seeking a body positivity coach, look for professionals with relevant certifications, such as a life coaching or therapy license, and experience in body image issues. Many coaches offer online sessions, making it convenient to find a practitioner who aligns with your needs and values. Read their bios, testimonials, and articles to get a sense of their approach and philosophy. It's also helpful to schedule a consultation to ensure a good fit before committing to a coaching program.
  • Q: Can body positivity coaching help with eating disorders?

    • A: While body positivity coaching can be a valuable component of eating disorder recovery, it is not a substitute for comprehensive treatment. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, it's essential to work with a qualified healthcare team, including a therapist, registered dietitian, and physician. A body positivity coach can provide additional support in challenging negative body image and developing a more accepting relationship with food and your body, but this should be done in conjunction with evidence-based treatment approaches.
  • Q: What can I expect from a body positivity coaching session?

    • A: In a typical body positivity coaching session, you can expect to discuss your current relationship with your body, identify negative thought patterns and beliefs, and explore strategies for cultivating self-acceptance and appreciation. Your coach may guide you through exercises such as mirror work, gratitude practices, or body-positive affirmations. They may also assign homework, such as self-care activities or journaling prompts, to help you integrate body positivity principles into your daily life.
  • Q: How long does body positivity coaching take to see results?

    • A: The timeline for seeing results from body positivity coaching varies for each individual. Some people may experience shifts in their mindset and self-talk within a few sessions, while others may require more time to unlearn deeply ingrained negative beliefs about their bodies. Consistent effort and engagement in the coaching process, along with a commitment to practicing body positivity principles outside of sessions, can accelerate progress. Most coaches recommend committing to at least 3-6 months of regular sessions to experience significant and lasting changes in body image and self-acceptance.


Body Positivity Coaching is a transformative approach that empowers individuals to cultivate a more accepting, appreciative, and nurturing relationship with their bodies. By working with a qualified coach and engaging in complementary practices such as intuitive eating, mindfulness, and self-care, people can challenge negative self-talk, build self-confidence, and embrace their unique physique. While the journey to body positivity is deeply personal and may require time and consistent effort, the benefits of living a life free from body shame and self-criticism are immeasurable. With the support of a body positivity coach and a commitment to self-love, individuals can experience greater joy, fulfillment, and overall well-being.