Pilates and Movement Profesional

Ballerina, Theater Dancer, Pilates Trainer and Movement consultant takes a solid foundation. A lifelong pursuit as a movement professional has enabled me thousands of skilled hours refining the body. Stretching each muscle and strengthen the attachments, soft tissues and internal DNA of my instrument. Pilates has proven effective and valuable. This practice sustains my muscles in a malleable, flexible, fluid shape. Pilates challenges my heart and breathing; strengthens and increases my over wellness, compounding into a finer and precision flow. I have researched and practice for thousands of hours a technique combined of many modalities and curriculums that I have enjoyed and benefited from into a maintainable program that I use throughout my life. Please join me and I will teach you the method. Please understand in order to change your body and develop the power you are reading about takes commitment and time. The journey to our goals are as important as reaching them. The mindset is patient, authentic, focused and kind. I look forward to meeting you.

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