Victor Hamsa

Victor started spontaneously meditating at 5 years old and was taught transcendental meditation in 4th grade and continues today. Victor has been a spiritual teacher for groups since 1994. He worked as a mental health worker at Cornell Medical Center a teaching hospital he worked directly with the eminent professor Dr. Otto Kernberg and is trained in psychology and psychoanalysis. Victor has been a Reiki Master/Teacher for 27 years and has lived with the Lanape Indians a Native American tribe up in the mountains of PA for 3 years where he was taught to be a shaman and a healer and teacher.
Certified Reiki Master/Teacher 27 years
Certified Yoga Teacher/Yoga alliance 200 hour YTT
Certified Life Coach
Certified Meditation Teacher
Eucharist/ Catechist minister
Victor is certified for laying on of hands in New York State as a minister
Reverend with the Universal Life church

Satsang teacher for groups
Victor attended a 2 year master teacher certified course on meditation through the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment
Spiritual meditation group class leader
Victor has been a guest speaker on spiritual podcasts
Victor is an expert on crystals and has been selling them to the public and for wholesale to museums and wellness centers for 25 years
Victor is a well know spiritual distance healer, Life Coach and Guru with a worldwide following he is well know in the wellness community and has letters of referral available upon request

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