The North Star Body

Griffin Coombs is the founder and head coach of The North Star Body, a virtual integrative wellness practice. Griffin is a certified Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP Institute), Advanced Breathing Instructor (Oxygen Advantage), Master Trainer (ISSA), and accredited yoga instructor (NCCPT). In addition to his extensive background in wellness and fitness, Griffin is also a credentialed K-12 educator with over a decade of combined experience as a teacher, administrator, and instructional coach.

As an IHP, Griffin specializes in an integrative approach to achieving balance between all facets of physical and emotional well-being. His training is rooted in nutritional science, functional & orthomolecular medicine supplement protocols, ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese interventions, trauma-informed coaching for emotional balance, digestive health, and nervous system regulation.

Griffin has taken a particular interest in stress and its impact on all areas of health. As an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Breathing Instructor, he specializes in helping clients restore balance to the nervous system, ease stress, improve blood circulation & oxygen delivery to the brain, and improve posture -- all by helping re-wire how they breathe.

As a certified Master Trainer, Griffin has specializations in corrective exercise, yoga, Animal Flow®, and martial arts. The cornerstone of his fitness work is fostering freedom and self-expression through movement. He achieves this through a deep focus on foundational mobility and stability, so that you can go do what you love while feeling strong & athletic, and minimizing risk of injury.

Ultimately, Griffin views himself as an educator, and that is what makes his sessions unique. While many of the great coaches out there hone in on one or two specific areas, Griffin's job is to help you to "connect the dots" and start to truly understand how the puzzle pieces of wellness fit together. That's when you uncover where you may be experiencing an imbalance, and what you can do to restore the very best version of yourself.

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