I help clients transform the landscape of their lives to align with their soul. I guide clients to restore balance, health, and abundance in body, mind, and spirit through holistic practices and modalities. The emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies are all interconnected and equally important. Through mindfully nurturing each of these aspects with self-love and compassion, one can create heart-aligned success in every area of their life.

I started in the health and wellness industry 12 years ago as a personal trainer, while I was in school to get my Bachelor's of Science in Biology. Realizing that nutrition was equally, if not more important than the physical activity component, I pursued my Master's Degree in Nutrition and Human Performance. In order to bring a totally holistic approach to my practice, I have also become a certified yoga instructor, sound healer, energy and reiki healer, and an initiate in the Sophia Code Mystery School where I am currently completing the coursework to be a Certified Sophia Circle Leader. I truly enjoy holding holistic retreats, healing events, and working with clients both individually and in group settings. In order to reach and help more people, I also created the SoulScaping app which allows you to take your holistic coach with you anywhere, giving you even more support and accountability to reach your goals.

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