Sara Tobias

My name is Sara and I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. My main areas of expertise include total body health and fitness, body recomposition, hypertrophy-focused training, weight training for women, nutrition to optimize training results, core strength and stability, and goal-setting and achievement.

In addition to holding a personal trainer certification, I am also a master's student in Kinesiology (the study of human movement). In this program, I focus on the psychological and social aspects of health and fitness and hope to make health and fitness accessible to all.

Personally, I went through my own fitness journey some years ago where I lost weight and gained muscle through creating my own training program and nutrition plan. When I felt how this process positively affected my physical and mental health, it made me want to help others achieve their own fitness goals. In addition to my love for fitness, I also grew up playing sports. I played baseball my entire life, even representing Team USA on the Women's National Baseball Team. I then went on to play collegiate softball. I still love to play recreational sports and think that they are a great way of getting in fun physical activity throughout the week.

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