Petra Lins

What’s up!!? I’m Petra and a multi-passioniated soul who is a wellness, travel and running coach that helps others take that leap in the life that they have always wanted to take but haven’t yet.

Here is a little backstory about me:

It took me a long time to become the woman that I have become and to be honest, I’m still becoming.

When I was about five years old I was sexually abused by a cousin of mine. Throughout my life I never realized how much damage that actually did to me until I started going to therapy and figuring out why I didn’t have good boundaries and why I had such low self-esteem.

I think the thing that kept me going was I always was trying new things and experiencing different jobs, places, traveling around, there was always something new.

Back then I think I was trying to run from myself (I love to run but this was a different kind of running) but we all know you can’t change your environment and lose all your problems. They are still right there inside of you until you address them.

I was so lost.

I always felt like I needed to become one thing and that there was something wrong with me because I could never figure out that one thing that I was supposed to become or do with my life.
Well, after years of therapy and growth, building my confidence, learning healthy boundaries, not running from what I was feeling. I realized that I can do whatever my heart and soul are calling me to do.

The only difference now is that I have so much more confidence in what I’m doing and I don’t think there is something wrong with the way I want to live my life.

I realized that I live for trying new things, traveling to new places ✈️ experiencing different cultures, starting new hobbies or projects, going on a hike one day, or training for a marathon!

Changing things up in my life help me grow and learn and challenge me so that I can move in a direction to share my story and help others who may be feeling similar to how I used to.

Lately, and especially during the pandemic, I’ve been seeing a lot more people breaking free from their chains ‍♀️that have been holding them back from living a life they truly want because they are realizing it is possible

Maybe your goals are different from someone else’s goals but we all have different ideas of what we truly want in life but it all starts with listening to that quiet voice of the soul that is speaking to you

As a coach I help guide beings through their own barriers and limiting beliefs so that they can also follow their true north.

I want you to live a full, vibrant life, and to radiate your own shining light ☀️

Maybe you lack motivation or want to gain the confidence to travel somewhere on your own?
Maybe you are multi-passionate and need someone to hash it out with to figure out what gifts you bring to the world?

Maybe you just need to start!

For now my door is open and you can always schedule a free call (link below ) with me to find out more if you’re ready to start doing the things your heart and soul are calling you to do.…

”…with this one, wild and precious life.” -Mary Oliver

Whatever you do…don’t wait.

Petra ♥️

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