Dr. Nicole Kumi

I am an author, coach, wife, mother, and subject matter expert in human behaviors. I have lived experience with perinatal mood disorders and have been certified in perinatal mental health training through postpartum support international. I work with expecting, new, and seasoned moms throughout their journey of motherhood, whatever phase they may be in. I specialize in perinatal transitional coaching that assists new and expecting moms as they make the transition from pregnancy to the fourth trimester and beyond. I provide education, validation, and preparation regarding their emotional and mental health during this time, walking with them on their journey so they are prepared for the mental health obstacles that lie ahead. In offering this service, I work to normalize their experiences, reducing isolation and fears and increasing the likelihood that the fourth trimester will be more positive for them and their families. We create a postpartum care plan as well as navigate the emotional shifts that occur so that mothers feel empowered on their journey rather than vulnerable and caught off guard.

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