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TL;DR: My Names Mikayla Slater and I am a Graduate of Humber College's Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion program (2022), and graduate of Sault Colleges' Fitness and Health Promotion program (2017). With this education I have obtained an OFC personal Training License and knowledge to help individuals with general nutrition and healthy habit forming advice. My specialties are individualized fitness program planning and general nutrition counselling.

Story Time...
I've been studying health and wellness professionally since I was 19 years old (2015) and have continued advancing my education until 2022. I've been taught by dieticians, physiotherapists, personal trainers, chefs, and kinesiologists to ensure the knowledge I've gained is up to date and to filter out the misconceptions found online and throughout social media. I believe that health and wellness are simple concepts over complicated by the vast amount of information provided by fitness influencers and social media personalities. I want to help break down the wants and needs for clients regarding their health in ways that do not overwhelm individuals, which makes sticking to goals easier and attainable. were looking for long lasting results, not a quick fix, so habit building and information breakdown are at the forefront of my personal philosophy around health, nutrition, and fitness.

If this sounds like something you are into, book one of my sessions! I'm looking forward to meeting you and helping you attain your goals.

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