Marta Styczen

Throughout the seven years of my own recovery from what was diagnosed as an 'incurable illness', my healing happened on multiple levels - depending on where my belief system and trust were at that time. Those familiar with my recovery story usually assume I became a quantum hypnosis practitioner because of the time I spent in altered states of consciousness, such as focused introspective detachment, meditation and contemplation.

And it sure has played its part.

But this path feels even more natural in connection with my life-long relationship with different aspects of language - the roadmap of hypnosis.

Whatever I did in my life, play or work, I've been enchanted by the power of words and their meanings.

Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I wrote poems and read everything from poetry and classical literature to encyclopaedias and dictionaries. I graduated from university as a linguist specialising in how the brain acquires and processes language in various environments (BA), and got my MA with a thesis on legal translations. I went on to become an ESP teacher and a technical/specialist translator working with engineers and scholars. I always loved learning and this was the perfect environment: from a little poet to discussing alloys, power plants and civil construction works. After that, I took back on a lighter note: travel journalism, marketing copy, and branding story writing.

During my mental health advocacy, I utilised artistic photography as means of communicating the 'indescribable'.

Most recently, I've been studying the structure and communication of plants, animals, elements, our body and physical materials.

As a quantum hypnosis facilitator, I combine the healing powers of words, images and archetypes - the language of our subconscious and our higher consciousness.

To me, 'quantum healing. is an umbrella term for all healing modalities in alignment with where the person to heal is at the moment, trust-wise and belief-wise. These modalities exist on a multidimensional level, which means the disease, pattern, trauma, relationship, or other energetic blocks can be approached and resolved from the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels alike.

I believe any healing process always tailors itself to the person's genuine intention to heal, expand, and find a solution and clarity.

Through my experience, I have learnt to honour all forms of healing that do no harm and, more than heal, teach my clients how to heal themselves. Because it's not even healing itself that I have committed to, but helping others to wake up to their own power and look out for guides rather than magicians. I am very adamant about the self-work one needs to do to complete the healing process.

When you heal yourself just once, you realise what an unstoppable master of your life you are, too powerful to demand, take offence, hold grudges, or hurt. And just imagine our world made of individuals so free.

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