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Gabriel Gonzalez has been in the health and wellness space for 9 years. When he was a teenager, he was overweight. Gabriel was always an active person. He used to play high school football and track, but didn't see the value in living a healthy life. Gabriel noticed he was always breathing very heavily and could not perform the way he knew he could, it felt like something was holding him back.

Two years into college, trying to discover what major to pursue, he realized his weight was what held him back this whole time. Gabriel remained active, fixed his eating habits, and lost weight to achieve his best and healthiest self. It was at this moment, he decided to pursue a career in the health and wellness field.

"There is a lot of information out there both good and bad within wellness. I've had to go through trial and error to find my best self. I didn't want people to have to go through what I went through. I want to be the person that steers people in the right direction to make lasting change."

​Gabriel has helped thousands of people change their old habits into lifelong healthier ones. You are not alone in this journey and you can succeed.

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