Katie Palmer

You’re not alone…

Do you feel stuck? Fraught with Anxiety? Overwhelmed? Feel like someone’s going to find out you don’t deserve the job, life or relationship you have? Do you have sleepless nights thinking about past mistakes? Do you doubt every choice you make? Mindlessly procrastinate? Take ages to make a decision? Don’t worry, you really are not alone in feeling like this, although I know it feels like it. I see many people experiencing these frustrations, and I help them change their lives.

I can help transform your mindset and emotional state by supporting you in healing past trauma, releasing blocked emotions, and giving you tools and techniques to overcome limiting beliefs and move forward. This will enable you to transform stress, discover your healthy self and become the person you always wanted to be.

I have been working with clients to heal trauma and pain for the last 20 years. Using Hypnotherapy, Self-Belief Coaching techniques and Energy Healing, clients experience a profound shift in their mindset and emotional state.

I provide a safe, nurturing space, either online or in-person, to heal your past and discover what's been holding you back so you can step into the future you deserve.

Giving you positive strategies for a powerful life.

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