Julia J. Mueller owner of "A Mind & Body Connection"

Going through a time of tough personal challenges and incredible trauma/stress I became very ill. I regained my health by going back to school completing my certification as an FDN-P, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition-Practitioner. As a Functional Holistic Health Coach I test, and do not guess. I do not treat symptoms, but restore the clients function, health and vitality allowing symptoms to dissolve. As a practitioner, I will send a series of functional lab screenings to the client that can primarily be done from the comfort of their own home (one test necessitates a lab draw). I will teach and coach the client lifestyle changes based on proven protocols that will enable the client to take control of their own health, so they may get off the medical hamster wheel that constantly chases and treats symptoms, while not addressing the body as a whole, thus achieving overall wellness. As a bonus, I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist of 20 years. I am able to provide my clients powerful tools that can assist them in making behavioral changes, when necessary and desired, to assist them in creating fabulous lifestyle changes to promote health and wellness.

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