Hema Santosh

I’m Hema Santosh and so glad to be on this platform. I've been meditating from the age of five, when my mother used to wake me and my younger brother up at 5:00 AM to exercise and meditate, I hated it so much then, but now I am greateful for it. However, fast forward 30 years, I realized how that breathing, centering and grounding techniques I had learned early on helped me through a lot of challenging phases in my life.

At the end, the aim of all these techniques is nothing but to make you aware of your thoughts, judgments, biases and fears you have rather than purging it. Once, you are aware of your thoughts and its consequences, you will overcome the situation, no matter what, you will soar like an eagle!

This is what I aim to share with all those who want to benefit from mindfulness and meditation by coming along with me on this journey.

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