Gwenyth Grace Health and Wellness Coach

Hello! My name is Gwenyth Houten, I am a Health and Wellness coach who specializes in Health and Wellness Coaching and Nutrition and Dietetics. Over the time I have spent coaching I have found that comfortability and understanding is the foundation of coaching. So, over time I have done my best to make sure I meet others where they are at and as a team work to where we can go!

I like to make sure my clients know they have a safe space. I like to initially take the time from the start to understand who I am getting to talk to. Building a foundation for your coaching is valuable and can create a connection to build on. Then I like to focus on you! I like to know where your strengths are, where you are setting yourself up currently, where you are wishing to see yourself down the road, and how are we going to accomplish that together!

I graduated from college with my bachelors in Health and Fitness sciences, I got my completion for training certificate in 2023, I am CPR certified, and National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching certified as well. Over my time I have gained experience in help designing meal plans, workout plans, rehabilitation programs, and recovery programs.

A little bit about me!
I grew up traveling due to my parents job and have always loved being near the ocean. I am from Cocoa Beach FL, and love that I get to call this place my home. I fell in love with Health and Wellness from a young age as I saw myself wanting the best for others and myself. I grew up in household that cared for their bodies. Over time it started to slip away and I wanted to provide change and care for my loved ones. I saw that it fell deeper than just what we eat and how we move our body. It ties into our daily lives, how we think, our schedule and mainly the connivence of things. I knew that in the end I wanted to not only help those around me but also those wherever I can! I wanted to help others treat themselves in ways they deserve and reward our bodies with what it deserves.

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