Sara Henry

Sara Henry is a Master Health Coach PN2, Nutrition Coach PN1-NC and Yoga Instructor, and a Certified Teacher in Ontario Canada. She empowers individual clients to make lasting behaviour changes that simplify & transform their health, wellness & lifestyle. Areas of coaching include: sustainable habits, deep health, rest & recovery, stress management, mindfulness, meal prep hacks, kitchen transformations, meal planning strategies, building supportive environments, body positivity, weight loss or weight gain, implementing medical diets, managing food allergies & sensitivities.

Early in Sara's career as a high teacher teaching food & nutrition she developed several food and chemical sensitivities. This has driven her to learn a lot about modifying recipes and being creative in the kitchen. She has had a passion for wellness from an early age. In her free time she is hiking, cycling, doing yoga, sewing, crocheting, working new recipes as well as DIY projects and home renovations.

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