Hootenanny Joy

Hootennany Joy

is the result of a long, rewarding career that began in middle school science class, fueled by a red brochure in the advisor's office. Blessed by privilege, I began to live my dream as RESPIRATORY THERAPIST in 1990 as a student trainee... along the way collecting amazing experiences, impressive credentials, and an awareness of the healing power of human compassion.
Today I remain fascinated by breathing. Many simple, easy-to-understand techniques can improve your breath. Correct education and planning may increase the length and quality of life. Please join me in a virtual Hootenanny as a trusted partner for Respiratory Care and Other Inspiring Things.

What's a Hootenanny?

hootenanny [ hoo-tuh-na-nee] noun, plural hoot·en·an·nies.
1. a social gathering or informal concert featuring folk singing and, sometimes, dancing.
2. a party that is chock full of hoot with a little bit of nanny
3. thingamajig
4. a place for joy and acceptance, love and happiness, venue to share stories and traditions.

Welcome to Hootenanny Joy,

the place where I am BLESSED to spend time with clients who are seeking a plain language expert using honest, fun, two-way communication to empower those affected by lung disease.

Objective information

when it comes to medications, equipment, doctors, and other medical advice. I am familiar with many brands of inhalers, medical equipment, and supplies that you may be using. I can connect you with resources, help you communicate with your provider, and evaluate your current plan of care as compared to national sleep and lung standards (examples: www.goldcopd.org www.ginasthma.org www.aasm.org)

Whether you are looking for someone to

  • Show you how to use (or afford) the inhalers, medications, and machines or devices that the doctor just prescribed.
  • Keep in touch as a breath buddy for your grandpa or grandma
  • Encourage your partner to get treated for the loud snoring that keeps you up at night

Hootenanny Joy

Simple coaching for better breathing, one joyful hoot at a time.

My name is Gina Hoots

I have been a Respiratory Therapist since 1989. I love sharing my knowledge of Respiratory Care, Clinical Sleep Health, and Pulmonary Diagnostics in ways that connect with patients where it matters. I know that relationship-based patient care and the promotion of high-quality, value-added respiratory care services are the right way to care for lung patients, regardless of the phase of life they find themselves. Today, after a long road through burnout, I am prepared to help others live the best life that they can.

Why me?

I’m a highly regarded professional with an excellent reputation. I’ve earned advanced credentials in pulmonary diagnostics (RPFT), adult critical care (ACCS), and clinical sleep health (CCSH). I have advanced experience in project management related to COPD and Asthma (AE-C). I LOVE to learn and share my experiences. I have experience teaching RTs in a college setting, patients at the point of care, and interdisciplinary clinicians as part of the healthcare team. I am a licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP) in Illinois.

I’m also a mama of 6

That’s right, SIX kids ranging in age from early 30s to elementary school. If you want to talk about career-life balance, organization, self-care, sleep, or just someone who can understand the most difficult job in the world, I’m here. Let’s connect.

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I really enjoyed our session. Thank you Gina!