Elizabeth Schneider

Hi! I am Elizabeth, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist passionate about helping others lead a healthier and happier life through using food as medicine. I have worked in a variety of setting such as outpatient weight management, women, infant, and children clinics, inpatient oncology wards, and employee wellness programs. I have seen that nutrition can truly change lives and I have a passion for making this more attainable for more people. I have personally seen and experienced the impact the food can have on our bodies and it can take someone from being fatigued and exhausted to full of life and energy. Often what holds us back is a thought that we either can't do it or don't know how, so that's where I come in. I help to translate the world of nutrition into terms that you can understand and implement. I always strive for sustainability with anything that I do and that is what I encourage my clients to also think about. They should ensure that anything they are doing is something they can sustain because weight loss works best when it's over a long period of time and able to be maintained.

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