Dr Dominique Leibbrandt

Hi, I'm Dr Dom. I am a South African Physiotherapist, a Lecturer and a Health Coach. I love running and I am passionate about Health and exercise. I want to help people to keep doing the activities that they love.
I help busy male and female professionals (25-45 years old) working in stressful environments to manage stress and prevent burnout. I help them to overcome challenges, prioritize themselves and find the balance that will allow them to be healthy and happy.
As a qualified Physiotherapist, I also help individuals with chronic pain and chronic lifestyle diseases by providing guidance with weekly goals to stay healthy and active. This will ultimately lead to long-term sustainable lifestyle changes.
I provide individual and group online coaching for International clients.
I offer three different programmes with three levels of support. A 4-week “kick-starter”, a 6-week “signature” programme and a 3-month “long-term habit changer” programme.

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