Coach Sara J

Hello, I'm Coach Sara J. Did you know that unresolved sleep disturbances are linked to every type of disease including mental illness. If you are desperate for sound sleep and deep healing you have come to the right place! I used to suffer from chronic insomnia induced by domestic abuse. I have discovered a path to healing and wholeness that restores both mental and physical health and I can show you the way!

I began my healing journey began when I was 5 years old and my Dad prayed and asked for embarrassing warts on my left knee to go away. I believed him, and two days later they were gone. That same year, I also told my Grandfather he would die if he didn't quit smoking. He quit that day. Not another single cigarette. Professionally, I have been in the personal healing and transformation space since 2006 where I began my career as a Weight Loss Coach, and made the decision to operate privately in 2012. I have worked for the largest companies in Healthcare such as United Health Group and Health Partners, and choose to work privately now so that I can operate within the Intuition I have been blessed with from being aligned with the Divine Source of Wisdom and Healing.

I hope to have the honor of partnering with you in conquering the obstacles in the way of thriving and living a life you truly love! Your family needs you to be whole and fully alive. Your community needs you thriving. By making the critical decision to begin or continue the healing you need within yourself, you begin to heal the world around you. It will take some hard work, but the reward of incredible health and peace of mind is worth the effort. There is nothing more valuable than restoring your health and wholeness.

You deserve to feel amazing!


Coach Sara J.

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