Coach J

Jana is a 12 year Fitness Industry veteran. She has been an industry leader in the creation and growth of fitness brands, partnerships, events, development of products and programming. She develops culture and community every where she goes.

In boxing, she has had several amateur fights, has sparred hundreds of rounds with athletes in both USA and Canada. She has coached and cornered in both professional and amateur bouts.

Jana is a partner in Empire Boxing Promotions, a Vancouver based professional boxing promotion and boxing media company established in 2020 with the goal of building the next generation of professional boxers. She is the host of the Empire Boxing Podcast, post fight interviewer and assistant show caller with Empire Boxing.

In jiujitsu, Jana is a blue belt under Ben Dyson and Roy Dean. She has medaled in all her tournaments to date. She has her eye on competing one day on a world stage.

Coach J Boxing & Fitness was established in 2022 when the in-person world ground to a halt, but through that, she can now work with people all over the globe. She blends her knowledge of science based training with skill development, bringing it to her clients in an approachable and scalable way to suit the individual.

In 2023 Combat Sports Nutrition was built as a way to help combat sport athletes with their nutrition. Too many camps go poorly, weight cuts too dangerously and in sports where injury and burn-out are predominant, making it to the fight in one piece is hard enough without missing weight.

She has worked with some of North America’s best grapplers and hobbyist fighters. She is a master strategist and will have you making weight easily and safely, while feeling supported along the way. She enjoys also, working with dedicated general population on optimizing their lifestyle so they can reach their potential and feel robust for their training-lifestyle.

Jana has a background in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, is RP Nutrition Coach Certified, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a legacy Lululemon Ambassador for Pacific Center and formerly Beverly Hills CA, formerly a founding member of Team Everlast Canada and Body Energy Club Ambassador.

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