My practice is focused on self-empowerment through the understanding of interconnectedness with nature. Mindfulness and self-inquiry are keys to accessing lasting shifts in our behaviors, bodies, and minds.

I recently received my certification in Health and Wellbeing Coaching from Duke University's NBHWC-approved coach training program.

My personal experience with meditation and mindfulness spans decades and I'm excited to open to sharing that with others.

I am most excited about the impact nature emersion has on our bodies and how working with nature reciprocally can improve our well-being and help us achieve our health goals.

My offerings include:
*rose reiki for well-being
*health and well-being coaching to manage chronic illness
*career transition support
*health and well-being coaching to improve sense of purpose and fulfillment
*health and well-being coaching to increase community connections
*health and well-being coaching to enhance physical fitness

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