Barb Schutz

I'm Barb (Chapman) Schutz and here is my weight journey that led me to becoming a ISSA Nutritionist and Weight Management Specialist.

For most of my adult life I was slightly overweight. Nothing drastic, but about 40 lbs more than I should be. I tried many fad diets over the years, and some worked but the weight came back quickly. I soon realized that fad diets don't work. I decided to go back to the basics of eat and eating habits...and it worked. I lost 40lbs in 2020 and have kept it off with sensible eating that focusses on the basics of nutrition and healthy habits and learning to navigate food in my world - not just at home, but at restaurants, at the grocery store, family gatherings and so much more. I decided to give back and share my knowledge, but felt I also needed some formal training so I received my Lifestyle and Weight Management certification in 2022 and completed my ISSA Nutritionist certification in January of 2023.

Now I look forward to helping you find the same success with nutrition coaching that not only focuses on what you eat, but also how to navigate the food world around you..

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