Bailie - WholeU Holistic Nutrition

AFPA Certified Holistic Nutritionist
Birth & Bereavement Doula
WellMeRight Expert

I began my journey with nutrition a few years ago before my youngest son was born. I spent a lot of time researching and meal planning to ensure my nutrition was properly fueling my growing baby. Shortly after he was born, we found out we were expecting another baby so I used my prenatal nutrition knowledge during that pregnancy and ended up learning even more. After she was born I decided to add a certification to my credentials from AFPA. I also began a certification at the same time to serve pregnant women as a birth & bereavement doula.
I believe that good nutrition sets us up for better health outcomes and can treat or maintain chronic illnesses. I focus on functional nutrition, which means that each person’s sessions will be catered to their specific needs. Your genes are influenced by nutrition and environmental factors so focusing on better nutrition could be the answer to a lot of problems you may face!
Looking forward to creating a better lifestyle with you!

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