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I became inspired to become a certified Health & Life Coach after experiencing my own health and life transformation. In October 2020 I was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes and Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease, very close to stage 4. I weighed 260 lbs. and about 45% of me was body fat. I was dealing with high blood pressure, acid reflux, fatty liver, gout, and was on 6 different medications.

My options were do nothing and die young, wired to a machine - or try to turn my health around. Through nutrition, exercise, and sheer determination, I was able to reverse the diabetes to a healthy A1C level, and completely heal my kidneys. Our eGFR should be 60 or higher...when I started mine was 38. Today it is 90....something that everything you read will tell you cannot be done.

This transformation resulted in losing 60 lbs., and lowering my body fat to 18%. But best of all, restored my ability to get back into the high mountains with my camera gear and enjoy nature once again.

This experience completely changed my life, igniting a passion in me to help others realize that in most cases they do not have to settle for a life of poor health that robs them of the things they once found pleasure in. Nothing is more rewarding or joyful than helping someone transform their own health and take back the life they deserve.

When I am not coaching I enjoy hiking and camping in the mountains, and photographing wildlife and our wonderful National Parks.

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